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Building Commissioning

Commissioning is:

  • required by code

  • not done at a desk

You can benefit from commissioning if you want to:

  • reduce risk

  • improve and validate energy performance and efficiency

  • prove systems work

  • increase equipment life

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Energy Modeling

An energy model is...

  • an integral part of the LEED code compliance process

  • a tool to test various design options

You can benefit from an energy model if you want to:

  • help guide the design team to make informed decisions

  • compare baseline and proposed building models to predict energy consumption

  • optimize a building’s performance


Energy Consulting

You can benefit from energy consulting if you have a need for:

  • Existing Building Commissioning:  verify the operation of existing equipment

  • Energy Audits:  devise a plan to reduce energy use

  • Envelope Consulting:  determine a strategy for performing the appropriate tests and hiring the right testing agencies

  • Utility Program Incentive Consulting: obtain incentives to purchase more expensive equipment to conserve energy

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