​Building Commissioning

Building commissioning provides documented confirmation that building systems function according to criteria set forth in the project documents and to the building owner’s operational needs. We can commission new or existing buildings. Commissioning of new buildings has become standard practice for many owners and is often required by local, state, and federal jurisdictions. It is a prerequisite to obtaining LEED® certification. Commissioning of existing buildings often requires developing new functional criteria to address the owner’s current requirements for system performance and typically results in a 15-30% reduction in energy use.

Secondary Services

Building codes specify the minimum standards for constructed objects such as buildings. The main purpose of the codes is to protect the public's health, safety, and general welfare as they relate to the construction and occupancy of buildings and structures.  We conduct building code inspections to confirm that buildings are up to code or to report that they are not.

Energy Audits

An energy audit is a study of the energy use in an existing building. The study includes benchmarking the current energy use along with our recommendations to reduce the energy use.

Energy Performance Contract Consulting

The facility condition assessment (FCA) is a detailed study of an existing commercial building that provides a comprehensive plan of action for managing the repair, renovation, and renewal of the physical plant. We address code upgrade issues and facility use changes, along with the more mundane life cycle renewal needs. Typically, the FCA includes a complete life cycle model (LCM) for each building. We base the FCA on actual conditions at each individual site, allowing for detailed customization based on the local environment.

A property condition assessment [PCA] is a due diligence report that provides building owners, investors, and lenders with an accurate picture of capital needs for their existing property or pending investment. The service is similar to an FCA but typically performed for a real estate transaction. We follow the industry accepted guideline ASTM E2018 but can provide much more customization and depth depending on the client’s needs.

To be certified as ENERGY STAR, a building must meet strict energy performance standards set by the EPA. Building owners/managers are required to have a licensed professional verify that the information in their ENERGY STAR application is accurate and complete before it is submitted to the EPA. We can assist with the benchmarking and certification process and provide the required licensed professional verification.  

Building Code Inspections

Performance contract consultants assist building owners interested in pursuing energy service performance contract agreements by providing the owner with independent, unbiased, third party reviews for all phases in the process. We can assist with the procurement and help with the evaluation and selection of an energy service company [ESCO]. We can also review the energy savings calculations and project cost estimates. After an Energy Service Agreement is finalized, we can perform project management during design and construction. We can also perform or review the periodic measurement and verification [M&V] that may be required.  

Facility Condition Assessments

Green building consultants advise a project team about the various certification programs, energy incentives, and rebates that are available. We research rebates and provide the administration for projects that are certified under several Green Building Rating Systems such as LEED, Green Globes, and ENERGY STAR, as well as custom local, state, and federal programs. 

Property Condition Assessments

​​Green Building Consulting

​Energy Modeling

​Energy models are created to predict a building’s energy use. As part of the process, we evaluate design or retrofit options, such as investing in a more energy efficient air conditioning system.

ENERGY STAR verifications 

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